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My Approach

When you see me for therapy, I’ll spend one to two sessions getting to know you and learning about your life. Then we will quickly create a plan together to help you meet your goals. I will offer you concrete tools and we’ll execute that plan. I work in collaboration with my clients to reduce symptoms as quickly as possible while teaching skills that will maintain good functioning over time.

I primarily use a cognitive-behavioral (CBT) approach to treatment. CBT is the gold-standard treatment for many of the most common psychological difficulties, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and coping with emotionally difficult events. CBT involves learning to think in more nuanced and adaptive ways in order to combat negative thinking patterns. My practice is also informed by mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), developmental psychology and attachment theory. I consider you the expert about your life and I tailor your therapy to what is working best for you.

Therapy sessions are typically scheduled weekly and last 55-minutes. Empirically-based therapies are often relatively short-term and may be completed in 16 to 20 sessions depending on the goals of therapy and the difficulties being addressed. More complex issues and established long-term patterns may take significantly more sessions to treat.